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As a verb, quoting means repeating a person`s words and attributing them to its author. If you`re giving a speech about personal organization, you might want to quote Ben Franklin – he`s the master. When writing a quote, enclose the other person`s words in quotation marks (“Aha!”). Sometimes a price estimate is called a quote, such as when a mechanic looks at your engine and gives you a quote for the cost of repair. Used in one sentence: The speaker quoted the poet John Donne when she said, “No man is an island.” It is wrong to use quotation marks to paraphrase. Indeed, a paraphrase is an indirect quote, and throughout any composition, it is important to document when to use a quote and when to use a paraphrased idea. The Independent quoted the duo as saying: “We have a few offers, but we can`t say anything at the moment.” The standard layouts of English computer keyboards have inherited single and double “straight” quotation marks from the typewriter (single quotation marks also serve as apostrophes), and they do not include individual keys for left-handed and right-handed typographic quotation marks. However, most computer text editors offer a “smart citation” feature (see below) to automatically convert “straight” quotation marks into typographical punctuation. In general, this “Smart Quote” feature is enabled by default. Some websites don`t allow typographical quotation marks or apostrophes in posts (YouTube is an example). However, these limitations can be circumvented by using HTML character codes or entities.

The quote was provided to The Washington Post by the network`s public relations team. Users will still be able to retweet without a quote, but the process adds “extra friction and extra step,” the company said. The quote is apocryphal, but that hasn`t changed its meaning for army football players. Quotes that allude to irony or another special use are sometimes called horror quotes. They are sometimes gesticulated in oral speech with aerial quotes. I`ve found that the best way to give advice to your children is to figure out what they want, and then advise them to do it. This article has also been updated to correct a word in a quote from Nathan Fletcher that was mistranscribed. Case in point: News reports quote politicians, economists, scientists and other important people. Many popular sayings and expressions are quotes.

In the early days of modern English, quotation marks were only used to indicate concise comments. They began quoting direct speech in 1714. Until 1749, single quotation marks or quotation marks were commonly used to designate direct speech. To quote something is to paraphrase it and give a brief summary of its meaning. I have made a small collection of ancient stories, and some of them are interesting enough to be cited. The truest words at the funeral were those of young Jaden, quoted by the governor. When you first set up Halo, you`ll be asked to read a few quotes from classic literature. Quotation is a common word that means someone repeats what someone else has said. In this sense, the quote is a written phrase, statement, or passage that another person repeats exactly. To facilitate the entry of quotation marks, publishing software often automatically converts typewriter quotation marks (and apostrophes) into typographic form (without the user`s knowledge or not) as text is entered. This is called the “Smart Quotes” feature.

Quotation marks that are not automatically changed by computer programs are called dumb quotation marks. Some implementations incorrectly produce a single quotation mark opening where an apostrophe is required, such as in short years such as `08 for 2008. To quote Ms. Kaye: “A liberal peer is as useful as a harness for a car and as decorative as whitewashing.” “Telling employees to respect the legal limits allowed is a good thing,” he said Wednesday when asked about the quote. At a strange time, Ford`s lawyer cited the French version of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act to discuss the clarity of the law. Two witnesses outside the Charlie Hebdo office building cited the Kouachi brothers, who claimed to be members of al-Qaeda. To quote something or someone is to repeat the exact words they said, or to recite the exact words written in a book.